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The Breidner Linguistic Method enables readers/speakers to read another language without any study or memorization, by reading their own language.

In this edition of the Psalms, Hebrew letters that sound the same as English letters are very gradually placed into words in an English sentence; No study or memorization- just read English!

   Swiftly, Hebrew letters become imprinted upon the mindset of the reader.

   Shortly, English words in sentences are read effortlessly with Hebrew letters.

   Producing, Hebrew letters = English words in English sentences.

   Creating, your ability to read Hebrew without vowel or punctuation marks.

   Achievement! The transition is made to read Hebrew letters and words.

   Literacy, you can now read any Hebrew text without transliterations!
You can read and understand Hebrew in any interliniar Hebrew/English
   book. The English translation is under every Hebrew word: a dictionary is not necessary!

   You can speak Hebrew! Just vocalize the Hebrew you are reading!

   You can Write Hebrew! English words with Hebrew letter ensure your privacy in social media, e-mail, and many other forms of communication.

   Complete Literacy: You can begin reading, speaking, and writing Hebrew without study or memorization- with the Breidner Linguistic Method (BLM).

Psalms – Paperback Edition
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take a look inside the book.
You can learn Hebrew easily.
You can learn conversational Hebrew. You can learn the Hebrew alphabet.
You can speak Hebrew. You can learn Biblical Hebrew.
You can write Hebrew You can learn Hebrew at any age.
You can learn modern Hebrew. You can learn with our free Hebrew audio.

Millions have acquired Hebrew literacy using their native language.
Seeing is Believing!
You can read pages of the Psalms at Amazon.com and discover the BLM program and how 
you can read Hebrew in less than a month!


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Samuel Gordon, LLC Publishers of The Breidner Linguistic Method-BLM in Little River, South Carolina, offers a language program that allows you to learn Hebrew effortlessly. Our system enables readers and speakers to read another language, without any studying or memorization, by using their own native tongue. The Breidner Linguistic Method enables English readers how to identify the sounds of Hebrew letters, morphed into English words.

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